Our firm offers a full range of legal services in the following areas of law:

  1. Civil law:
    • preparation of civil contracts and provision of opinions on their drafts;
    • procedures in real estate transactions;
    • protection of the creditor in case of insolvency of the debtor;
    • consultancy in the matter of protection of personal rights of natural and legal persons;
    • consultancy in copyright and press law;
    • proceedings in the matter of registration and protection of trademarks;
    • proceedings in land registration matters;
    • credit consultancy;
    • proceedings in law of trusts and estates;
    • consultancy in the matter of rights resultant from cheques and promissory notes;
    • representation before common courts, the Supreme Court and other institutions competent in the matters mentioned above.
  2. Insurance law:
    • comprehensive services for entities conducting insurance activity;
    • representation of natural and legal persons and quasi-legal entities in disputes with insurance companies regarding property and personal damages;
    • vindication of claims resultant of insurance contracts.
  3. Commercial law:
    • proceedings connected with the founding, transformation, merging and closure of civil and commercial law companies;
    • proceedings connected with registration of companies;
    • preparation of documents and provision of opinions on internal statutes of business entities;
    • preparation and consultation of drafts of commercial contracts;
    • negotiations in connection with contract agreements and changing their conditions;
    • mediations in pre-litigation dispute settlements;
    • vindication of due receivables;
    • prosecution of associates’ resolutions and of other acts;
    • representation in conciliatory, court and executive proceedings.
  4. Administrative law:
    • representation before public administration bodies and administrative courts;
    • elaboration of protests and other legal writings in public bidding procedures;
    • assistance in obtaining permits and licenses issued by public administration bodies such as those issued in the areas of building, energetic and customs regulations.
  5. Labour Law:
    • provision of assistance, advice and consultations;
    • preparation of documentation required by labour law regulations;
    • preparation of workplace and salary regulations as well as of other internal acts;
    • vindication of claims resultant of employment contract;
    • preparation of settlements and agreements in employment relationships.
  6. Bankruptcy and Reorganisation Law:
    • preparation and conducting of bankruptcy and reorganisation proceedings;
    • preparation of bankruptcy petitions;
    • preparation of arrangement proposals.
  7. Criminal Law:
    • defense in preparatory procedure;
    • defense in criminal procedures before common courts and the Supreme Court;
    • representation of the auxiliary prosecutor;
    • preparation of indictments;
    • protection of creditors’ interests in criminal proceedings;
    • preparations of legal opinions for business entities in criminal proceedings.
    • legal representation before common courts, the Supreme Court and other institutions relevant in the matters mentioned above.