In the wide spectrum of the services offered by our firm there can be found among others the following forms of legal assistance:

  • comprehensive service of business clients in a form of standing contract of mandate;
  • legal advice and consultancy for individual clients;
  • preparation of legal opinions;
  • preparation of drafts of contracts as well as of legal, procedural and official writings;
  • legal representation before common courts, conciliation courts and the Supreme Court;
  • representation before public administration bodies and administrative courts;
  • conducting of mediation and negotiations in civil proceedings;
  • conducting of proceedings and mediation in penal/criminal cases;
  • conducting of proceedings in public biddings.

We render legal assistance in accordance with the needs, existing possibilities and the choice of our Clients. We offer help in our office, in the seat of the client or in a place chosen by them as well as by means of distant communication chosen by the client such as fax or the internet.